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Welcome To The Ultimate Magic Kit Featuring Over 350 Magic Effects You Can Do!
These Are Professional Magic Tricks You Can Learn To Perform To Amaze And Astound!
In This Kit, You Will Receive:


♠️ Svengali Deck

Riffle the cards and they become all the same, then all different again. Lots of possible effects!


♠️ Levitation System

Learn the real secrets of the Hovering Card, and make any small, light object float!


♠️ Magic Card Box

Make a card disappear, or magically transform into another card!


♠️ 3 Rope Mystery

The magician turns 3 different lengths of rope into 3 equal lengths of rope! Then, after balling them up, the ropes are placed in a spectator's hand where they return to 3 different lengths!


♠️ Pen Penetration

A pen is jammed through a borrowed dollar bill. After showing the pen is actually going through the bill, it is ripped out and the bill is left unharmed! Both the bill and the pen are then passed out for examination.


♠️ Magic Sponge Balls

The building blocks for sleight of hand! The magician places a red ball into their hand. When they open it again, the ball has disappeared from their hand and reappears in a spectator's hand! This is one of many effects you can do with sponge balls including: multiplying from 1 to 3 balls, making all the balls disappear, and sawing a ball in half to make it two! 

Magic Kit

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