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The Dynamic Duo themselves Brandon & Hannah Wagster have been entertaining audiences together since 2010 and said "I do" in January 2013. Their passion and love for magic and each other radiates on and offstage.


After mesmerizing tens of thousands of people in their home town of Myrtle Beach, SC, The Wagsters have decided to bring their award winning show to Virginia's Historic Triangle in the heart of Williamsburg!.

In 2020 The Wagsters were presented the prestigious Merlin Award, Magic's equivalent to the Oscar, by The International Magicians Society for "Best Theatrical Magic Production". They are the first magicians ever from south Carolina to receive magic's Highest Honor.

Meet The Wagsters

Owners & Operators of The Wagsters Magic theatre

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Brandon Wagster is  just a guy who never grew up and wants to give others permission to be a kid again. Having always been intrigued by how things worked it's no surprise his parents surprised him with a magic kit at 6 years old one Christmas morning. After trying out commercials, print work, modeling & acting onstage and on camera (all before the age of 10) Brandon knew magic was where he was headed. Early directors taught Brandon not how to dance, but how to move, stand, walk & command a stage. With flawless sleight of hand, a unique sense of humor, charisma & sincerity sharing about life and dreams have made him a one of kind world class entertainer. 


After winning almost a dozen magic awards including 3rd in the world at The World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas Brandon has dreamed of opening his own theatre. He's so excited to bring something truly magical to Williamsburg! 

The stage is where he belongs and is so thankful for the talents he's been blessed with to bring others joy & help them forget about their problems. Brandon is thankful to spend his life sharing the spotlight with his beautiful partner in crime and to bring wonder to a world that needs it now more than ever.

Brandon Wagster

Hannah Lynne


Behind every great magician is a woman... in a box. Hannah Lynne is so much more. Since beginning her career in magic Hannah has become an integral part of each performance, she makes sure each illusion onstage is executed flawlessly all while changing clothes up to a dozen times during each show all while looking beautiful & executing each task with grace & elegance. 

Ironically as a child Hannah HATED magic. She had passions for dance, music, & animals. After 10 years of dance, learning to play half a dozen instruments, & having more pets than you can imagine... she loves being able to bring all those passions onstage by playing music, dancing, & sharing the stage with her best friend/husband and sometimes their family pets. 

Aside from starring in 200 live shows a year Hannah is Co-Owner of The Wagsters Magic Theatre and coordinates all marketing and social media necessary to make this venue a success. 

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